At Skin+Touch Therapy, we understand that spa services are a deeply personal experience and we want to find the right therapist for you.  Our strength is that we are a group practice, so we have many therapists that offer a range of modalities.  Not only are our therapists trained, certified, and insured, but they are also passionate about their work. All our therapists believe in our mission, but they all offer their own background and touch to our practice.  Each therapist is unique and we welcome you to find the therapist that you feel confident and comfortable with and that best meets your needs.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to assist. 

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Brian Lam | Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner

In 2010, Brian Lam opened Skin+Touch Therapy, private practice offering massage, skincare, and yoga instruction to the community of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The mission of Skin+Touch Therapy is to provide healing and education to all members of the community. He seeks to empower individuals to make informed lifestyle choices and to engage in an active dialogue regarding healthcare on the individual and community level. He intends Skin+Touch Therapy to be a model practice that both equalizes services across the community as a whole and supports therapists who strive for professional development and a livable wage. Like buying vegetables at your local farmers’ market, Skin+Touch Therapy builds a community of local therapists and clients that is self-sustaining and celebrates the dignity of the work of the healing arts.

Brian received his Associates Degree in Occupational Studies at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and his 600hr esthetics education from the Aveda Institute of New York. He did his 200hr yoga teacher training at I/O Inside Out Yoga School. He is a 200hr registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Brian holds a BBA in Marketing from Parsons School of Design. He is licensed in Massage Therapy and Esthetics in Virginia and New York.

Brian relocated to Fredericksburg in 2010. He has worked in a number of massage environments including spas, pain rehabilitation centers and massage wellness centers.


Kathleen Deangelo | Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician

Although she has spent most of her life in the Fredericksburg area, Kathleen’s family and roots lie in the deep south of Georgia, so she brings a smile and touch of southern hospitality to each session.  Kathleen is also a very knowledgable and experienced therapist with dual licenses in massage and basic esthetics.  As a massage therapist, she is proficient at Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, ashiatsu, hot stone, prenatal, medical massage, and sports massage.  As an esthetician, Kathleen has completed nearly 100 hours of post graduate training at the International Dermal Institute, which specializes in teaching advanced skincare techniques around the world, and she has completed a course in masters esthetics.  The breadth of Kathleen’s training allows her to offer clients a broad base of knowledge to pull from in order to provide the best possible outcomes.


Sally Hall | Licensed Massage Therapist

Sally came to massage therapy after working as a theatrical stage manager for a decade. She loved the theater but wanted to make a more concrete impact on people’s lives by focusing on reducing pain and discomfort and increasing relaxation and a sense of well being for her clients. Sally graduated from the Swedish Institute in 2014, where she trained in Deep Tissue, Manual Lymph Drainage, Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Swedish, Trigger Point work, Reflexology, Hot Stone and Myofascial massage. In her sessions, she works to create an individualized treatment based on her client’s needs, whether they stem from a medical condition or simply a desire to relax, by seamlessly blending these modalities to address all concerns without causing unnecessary pain. In her free time, Sally runs and goes to yoga; both give her a sense of strength and peace.


Meshell Magnus | Licensed Massage Therapist

Meshell is an experienced massage therapist and yoga instructor whose practice is focused on a holistic approach to relaxation. Inspired by nature, she uses light touch and aromatherapy to help her client let go of their stress. She trained as a massage therapist at the Heritage Institute in 2009 and as a yoga instructor with YogaFit in 2013. She is currently training in craniosacral therapy in order to continue to build her relaxation practice.


JP Earnest | Licensed Massage Therapist

Once planning to become a physician, JP found his heart drawn to bodywork. He loves its hands-on nature and its ability to offer healing naturally, affordably, and sustainably. He values the profound improvements in stress, tension and immunity offered through bodywork. Most of all, he appreciates how massage helps optimize physiological and psychological functioning, enabling clients to feel more embodied in themselves, more peaceful and more resilient.  JP's training reflects his diverse background and interests. He trained in both massage therapy and Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama yoga at the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga in Blacksburg, Virginia. He also holds an MS in Physiology and Biophysics with a focus on Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Georgetown University, and teaches pathophysiology to online Advanced Practice Nursing students through a major university. JP remains committed to continuing his education. He is currently completing his Myoskeletal Therapist certification. He combines Swedish, shiatsu, myofascial release, combined deep therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and Thai yoga massage techniques for multi-modal relaxation, wellness and medical massage. 


Sarah Ruggieri | Licensed Esthetician and Waxing Specialist



Grace Cornett | Licensed Esthetician and Wax Specialist

Convinced that beautiful, healthy skin can boost one’s confidence, Grace's approach to skincare is about empowerment, education and the total experience.  Already an experienced hand in cosmetics, Grace trained in esthetics at Career Training Solutions in Fredericksburg.  She combines artistry and technique in her brow, waxing and facial services. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Grace has been living in Fredericksburg for the past 10 years, where she enjoys the vibrancy and small-town feel of the downtown community.  A artist and perfectionist at heart, Grace also enjoys photography in addition to her work in esthetics.