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Express Facial

30min $60 | 30min Organic $75

Our express facial includes cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask, and hydration protection. Consider adding an Express Facial to your massage as a perfect full body experience. Express Facials do not include extractions or deep pore cleaning, and massage time is reduced compared to a 60min facial. As always, only the finest natural skin care lines are used in creating a facial tailored to your specific needs.

Spa Balancing Facial

60min $85 | 60min Organic $100

This customized facial begins with a skin consultation to custom tailor it to re-balancing and correcting your current skin condition. It incorporates all the standard steps to a spa facial, including cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask, and hydration protection. Our goal is to provide extra TLC to the skin, giving it what it needs to be healthy and resilient. Our estheticians use a combination of products derived from the finest botanical ingredients formulated to nourish, repair and protect the skin.

FarmHouse Fresh Facial

60min $100

Experience Farm to Facial with a custom facial that uses FarmHouse Fresh products, made from 98-100% natural ingredients, to provide a full sensory experience. Specialty treatment masks are selected for your skin type and goals. Effective and natural FarmHouse Fresh products deliver a spa facial that gives your skin a fresh glow.

Calming Facial

60min $95 | 60min Organic $110

Our calming facial targets redness, visible capillaries and environmentally stressed skin. It uses clinical redness-reducing, skin-calming ingredients to help re-balance and renew even the most delicate, upset and sensitive skin. Relieving redness as it comforts, this complete treatment is the ultimate oasis for stressed and irritated skin.


Acne Clearing

60min $95 | 60min Organic $110

This facial targets breakouts, clogged pores and blackheads. An absolute must whether you have stubborn chronic acne, hormonally induced breakouts or simply clogged pores and blackheads, this treatment begins with a custom cleanse and exfoliation, followed by deep pore extraction to target breakouts, A treatment mask and serums are used to help deliver additional acne fighting ingredients. This facial will become an effective part of your anti-acne routine.

Brightening + Depigmenting

60min $95 | 60min Organic $110

Even out skin tones and fade dark spots with this high-tech facial that features skin brighteners with proven results. It starts with a thorough skin cleansing followed by an exfoliation treatment custom blended just for you. Next, a clinical strength dark spot corrector penetrates deep into skin where dark spots are formed. To finish, an activated mask helps you attain even-toned, brighter skin.


60min $95 | 60min Organic $110

This one-of-a-kind treatment is designed to lift and sculpt the look of sagging, aging skin. A deep cleansing and exfoliation prepares your skin for the application of our powerful active firming mask, designed to lift and tighten the feel of skin. You'll see and feel the renewing benefits immediately, as poor elasticity, dullness and lines improve.


60min $75 | 60min Organic $90

This facial is a great introduction to skincare for teens, including how to treat break outs and hormonal acne. Our therapists are specially prepared to educate teens about how to care for their skin at home.



Micro Deluxe Facial 60min $160

Serum Infused Dermabrasion 30min $125

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion 30min $105

Combine dermabrasion with a full facial, or choose a session that is just focused on dermabrasion. We offer both traditional diamond tip and serum infused wet dermabrasion.


30min $50 | Add to Facial $30

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure that gently uses a surgical steel blade to exfoliate the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). As a standalone service, dermaplaning includes facial cleansing and moisturizing, or it can be added to any of our full facials.

PCA Skin Peels

45min initial peel $95 | 30min follow-up $95 | 30min back peel $120 | 60min facial + peel $150 | 60min back facial + peel $175 | Add hands or neck $30

PCA Skin corrective peels deliver results without burning or “down time.” Corrective peels are an effective, painless and quick way to rejuvenate your skin. Corrective peels have been shown to be an excellent, non-invasive way to help correct an abundance of skin concerns, including: blemishes, aging, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, oily skin and enlarged pores.

Back Facial

60min $110

Back skin is often the hardest to reach and clean, which means it can suffer from breakouts and clogged pores. Our back facials have a very similar process to our regular facials. During a back facial, your entire back will receive a steam, cleanse, toner, exfoliation, extractions if needed, and a mask.